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Brisket stall...

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What is the usual stall temp for most of you? I'm guessing it's a little different each time, but I'm sure there is at least a common range.??
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mine seems to be somewhere around 140-160 it just depends on how drunk i am when i first start.
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Buzzard's got it about right.....the drunk part at least PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Looking at my notes, exactly what Texas Hunter said.
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laughed my butt off!! Still chuckling.... At least I was able to deflect most of the Capt/Coke that came out my nose into my lap instead of onto my keyboard.
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Careful. Drinking and smoking may cause ........well good times.
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Notice the temp noted here. It's the point gelatin starts forming in an endothermic <heat ABSORBING> reaction. Bingo..the plateau.
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155 to 165 here............but it probably just seems that way to me since that is usually around the temp that I start paying attention since I usually wrap around 165 to 170. Prior to that, I don't watch it too close.
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