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saturday smoke pics

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fired the big mamma jamma up got 24 butts and 3 slabs this should take a while! lol PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Alright mister, showing off again, errrrrrrrrrr! Sure looks good to me and I am sure it smells better and will taste even better in the end. What ya smoking all that meat at once for anyhow?
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Can't wait for more pics!

Big family?
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hehehe don't know bout shown off ... lol but it shure is fun,i have a family reunion coming up plus whn people know i'm cooking that start placing orders 15 butts and all the ribs are sold so my reunion food is paid for at the same time,yea we gonna do some more pics count on that..wink.gif
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looking good.........but NO RUB on them butts?
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Good lord, that be a bunch o butts.... cant wait to see them all done, have fun!!!
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ooohhh they gots rub fer shure dosen't show much in the pics,ours has mostly white ingredients but they'll bark on up that's fer shure,the ribs which you can't hardly see toward the back have a nice red glow about them before they go in,when i open to wrap them i'll take a pic then.
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dammitboy that's a lot of 'Q!
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it's a pile that's fer shure!! here's a better shot of the ribs bout time to wrap them before long.
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Yumpin Yimminy, My back hurts just thinkin about pulling all that pork. WOW!
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Great Job look like a lot's of fun.
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Wow, Daddio, that's putting it on. How many beers to smoke that meat???icon_smile.gif
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progress so far ribs pulled did great,ribs look darker in the pic than they actually are.
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Nice job Daddio.
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