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Ode de Butt

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here's what just went into the GOSM , man i love that thing, it's a 10# butt and a half rack of some kind of ribs left over from a whole loin i bought. i slathered everything with some Jack Daniels Stone ground Dijon mustard and then rubbed with some of jeffs modified rub on the ribs i added some old bay rub too. the smoke will be cherry and i am going to do them unwrapped the whole time.

Temps here are in the high 70's with a light breeze so should be no problems except for a few renegade t-storms later. Also in the Q-Veiw you will see my other 20# pork butt but it will be a while before he cures but i plan on teachin' him right
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good luck buddy, cant wait to see em!!!
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1 heck of a butt

heres the butt when i took it off at midnight last night, i wrapped in a large beach towel and into the cooler till 7 am. was still holding at 140 degrees then i shredded it. so i figured since i had all this pork may as well fry some eggs for breakfast...
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Nice looking grub, glad to see it all turned out so scrumptious!! Thanks for the q-vue!
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Nice Fixins.
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Great looking grub.........Cute little smoker you got there.........It will be fun teaching him in the future.......
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Great looking results. It's days like this when it is just awesome to be alive.
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Fine job on them vittles! That little ones got a look of "hey whered my chow go"! That be a cute little shaver there!
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