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white film

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Just opened my cooker fron sitting for a few months. There is a white film on the inside. What is it and how do i get rid of it
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could be a bunch of things including mold or nastys attacking the residue from your last session.

I would season it again real high temps and clean er out. Then reseason. You could bring it up to temp with a water pan above the heat source to "loosen" things up a bit. Then when it comes down to manageable temps hot water soap and sos brillo pad rinse and reseason er.

Possible post a pic of it for a better understanding, folk around here will know what to do.

good luck and get er back in actionwink.gif
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Mold? Is it in little dots covering the whole thing or just everywhere?

Did you rinse it last time you used it? If so, could be dried salts from the water.
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Burn it out, no worries!
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Do you remember

Do you remember what you cooked last time she was fired up? Sounds like it could be a grease steamed in water residue that was deposited in your last cook??
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yup get her hot-it will all go away-it's prolly moisture with greese film.
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