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Scored Crab Apple Wood!

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Stopped after work tonight and picked up bout 1/3 rd pickup load of crab apple wood. Gonna cut it in slabs then chop into chunks, then season. Bout 6 months from know I will be smokin with some great new wood!
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Good find trav. I need to find an apple tree to cut down..

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Just split myself about a 1/2 rick of it las week, tomorrow, its Cherry, and a lot of it. Just took down 2 huge cherry trees. Gettin some mullberry this weekend! Next seasons wood supply is growing!
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good score guys-alot of orange groves around here-hmmm-anybody used orange before?
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nice score trav PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yep. There's a thread on orange. Search member name Fudley Not me tho... I TRIED actually... I sent him money to ship some and never got it Grrrr.
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Great score on the wood..............My dad have used orange wood before, its not to bad.....I am hoping to get some here when folks come back to Nd from Florida in a couple months.........
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You can smoke with crab apple? I have one of those trees in my yard.
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Can maple or oak be used to smoke? I want to find somekind of wood around my area I can cut down myself and smoke with. Im not really big on apple wood though, but with all the apple orchards around I could probably get it easily.
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