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Center Cut Pork Loin with Qview

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Ok so wife likes to pick up those Hormel pork loins and do them in the oven and I say I want to try smoking em. I picked up the regular un-marinaded ones buy one get one free. Marinaded in MoJo overnight, injected with Creole Garlic, put on smoker, foiled at 140*, into oven for the ride to 165* will let ya know later the results.
Out of the MoJo

Creole Garlic

After injecting
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Just before foiling at 140*
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Take it home

That looks great. Can wait for finish product as you probably cant either!!!!

Good eats my friend!
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Great looking loin! I really like that Creole garlic. A few years back, I injected over 1/2 gallon into a 110 pound pig and roasted it. Had 60 guests for a pre wedding party and only 1 gallon zip lock full of meat was left! Thanks for the Qview.
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Ok the first pic didn't come out to good but I will be slicing the other one when the wife gets home will try another pic
Just before slicing

A little sliced off

Ok Daughter and Grandkids ate it up final judgement will come from wife when she gets home. I liked it and it was very moist.
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looks good Jerry-I glad it stayed moist-how was the cajun flavor?
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Good lookin' loin!
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Great lookin chow piney! Course I expected nothin less from ya!
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OK heres the last loin. Bob I like the creole garlic.
Better shot I hope before slicing

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pork loin

Piney this is the smokindutchman them their loins HE!! HE!! looked dam good. good idea about the garlic injection.
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Looks very juicy, nice job!
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Lookin' Good! And the proof is in the, "Poof! It's gone!"

Great stuff!
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What a great job Piney.
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Thanks... now I'm hungry!!!!!!
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