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A question about Tenderquick

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I want to do a Candian Bacon soon and I see that a lot of people use Tenderquick as their curing agent so I looked at the Mortons's website. Mortons listed as Tenderquick ingredients as follows:

"Tender Quick® mix contains salt, the main preserving agent; sugar, both sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite, curing agents that also contribute to development of color and flavor; and propylene glycol to keep the mixture uniform."

My question is this, are sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate and propylene glycol ingredients that I should be concerned about putting in food? I know that Mortons is a reputable company, but these ingredients do concern me a bit.
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I use it to make hams all the time.
If your concerened about putting toxins in your body, then BBQ isn't for you.biggrin.gif
Just kidding.
If you have ever eaten bacon, ham sausage, cornedbeef /pastrami ect. You have consumed these chemicals.
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Just follow directions CAREFULLY, and as allways MODERATION, ya right
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Well, I guess if you don't want to eat ANY cured meat you can avoid SOME of them. But they are everywhere. Follow recommended amounts, and don't burn your bacon. <Nitrosamines increase that way>
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1 tblspoon of each TQ and Sugar, be it brown or white, per lb............you can't go wrong................

but like others have said......you TOO worried about it, this hobby isn't for you.........heck, they even got studies out that will tell you SMOKING meats is bad for ya..........


lololol...........just kidding..........but really............your body produces nitrites and nitrates............
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I was just curious, thats all. This doesn't change how I feel about things at all.
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If your worried about it then don't use it , try 1 tablespoon of Kosher salt and 4 tablespoons of Brown sugar or Sugar in the Raw per Lb, mix well and rub it in really good and let it cure in a good zip-lock bag in the fridge.
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