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Ribs & chicken this weekend

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I have seen that chicken is supposed to be smoked at a higher temp, but I'm planning on smoking a few slabs of ribs & some chicken quarters this weekend. Will it be ok to do it all at 225 or so? I am planning on brining the chicken before it's smoked. I'll be sure to post pics!
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I recently did chicken and a pork loin or butt I can't remember which one it was. Anyway I smoked them at about 230 and the chicken turned out very good. The skin won't get nice and crusty, and you have to worry it drying out but I'm sure brining will help, mine were injected and sittin on a beer can so they were very moist. Make sure the chickens are on bottom if you have a vertical smoker. Good Luck
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I did a chicken along with a brisket last weekend at about 225 and it turned out wonderful.
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I don't even brine them. I marinade. At any rate, sure you can do them at 225º. Just be aware you cannot eat the skin or atleast you will find it rubbery.

Now when it reaches 160-165º internal temp, pull the quarters and throw them on a hot charcoal or gas grill for 20 minutes or so and it'll end up like this.

Edible skin......of course you know the skin isn't good for you anyway. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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These were done at 225 - 230 for about 5 hours. I have never had a problem with low and slow as long as you brine first. There were brined for 10 hours. Good luck!

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Seens you've got to smoke low, throw them in the oven for a bit at the end to help crisp the skin, also a good spritz helps with the skin too.
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Looks good! Don't tell my family they aren't supposed to eat the skin...that's fighting words! Thats what i'll do, throw it on the grill afterwards.
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Those are some great looking birds! Nice job pduke!
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Yeah those are some great lookin birds
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Flash, I must say you have some great looking legs.
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I use to be a fan of cooking poultry at a higher temp. I recently did a whole turkey breast at 225-250. Best bird I ever smoked!
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