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Today's smoke with Q-view

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Here is a beef arm roast, pretty good but dry. And some potatoes!

And a fatty with jalapeno's, green onion, green pepper, black olives, and three cheese's, rubbed down with Jeff's rub, and eaten with corn tortilla chips. Very Good!!!

I wrapped the roast after three hours of smoke, and left it in the smoker for another hour and a half, unwrapped it and it looked plenty moist, should have pulled it off then but instead I hit it with more smoke for about another 40 minutes and that dried it up . Oh well lesson learned,
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Thanks for the Q-view CubGuy. Sorry about the roast being dry for you. The fatty looks great and I bet it was tasty. I guess thats what this smoking meat is all about...trial and error. At least now you know you should have pulled it out earlier. I have a ton of stuff to learn about smoking too and I'm sure I will have some poor smokes along the way. Hang in there and it will all come together for you.

Happy Smoking

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all in the art of smoking guy,nice smoke ring and fatty looks it down in the notes hey.
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Great looking food!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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howd ya do the taters they kook yummy
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Looks real good.
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cubby.........what was your internal temps on that arm roast?
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good lookin spuds, too bad roast dry. bet still tasted good, thks for sharing!!!
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WD The internal temp was about 185 might have been a little high was going for a more tender meat. Didn't think it would dry out like it did. OOPS!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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beef roast


I also tried a cross rib chuck roast bout a mo. ago. Tasted fine but 2 2 dry. I've done some investigating anddddddd. All beef roast (except brisket) needs to be cooked at highert temps. and shorter time than pork or brisket. We dont have the fat to rebaste or slow the cooking down, or the need to break down the tough membranes down to be tender like brisket.
Also the speaker pointed out that us recommended cooking temps were raised a few years ago to keep amatures like us from eating undercooked food. He said we should start about 10 deg. lower than us recomendations but be carefull.
I had brought my 12.5# roast to 180 deg. on cooker. When I build my courage enough to try another, I'll remove at 150 deg. and wrap and put in towels and cooler as suggested here.
Hope this helps TJ
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Looks good. Maybe a little brown gravy on the meat would help moisten it.
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Looks good cubby. You could also boil some bouillon and servie it au jus? Just a thought.
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