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Brisket help

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Tryed my first briskets today, two 6lb flats. They where going fine for the most part after peaking around 150 the larger one started gaining again after about 2.5 hrs, the smaller took closer to 4. I foiled the first at 170 took it off at 190 and all was well but the second one is sitting again at 160 and its been there for 3 or so hours. Its been on about 12 hrs now. I put a second prob in it to make sure my thermo wasnt broke but it was reading the same temp. the center is the only part of the brisket that doesnt look chared up. Is this normal for briskets becuase I have never seen anything like it with butts.
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It's all good Neens. Don't change your pit temp and just let it ride. That piece is in the process of breaking down and it's gonna be really good when it's done.

Some pieces of meat are just that way.

Hang in there!
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As PC said, let it ride and it will come to ya, some chunks of meat will do that.
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I am just a little worried about it because the first one that came out was kind of dry and this one has been in alot longer.
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one reason i like packers.......i can trim it to my specifacations as far as fat to your other problem
.......welcome to the world of smoking........EVERY piece of meat........and i mean EVERY........has its OWN pigs and buzz will be fine........this is one reason i dislike answering questions on how LONG its going to takes as long as it takes........patience glasshopper............that is just about the first thing new folks to the world of smoking needs to learn........can't force a piece of meat to do as you choose.......if you want it to be GREAT piece of meat.........
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I know it takes time I just never had a piece of meat hit to peaks like that. Its been in now for 12.5hrs and just hit 170.
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d88de just smiles and nods..............

don't forget the q-view
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Finally pulled the last brisket off. Counting the hams that brings an end to todays 20hr smoke. I will post some pics after I take it out of the cooler.
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heres the Q-view
The 13hr one came better than the first and it had more flavor and more juices. Didnt get that great of a smoke ring for some reason. Sorry only one pic forgot about it till after but had some nice bark on it.

sliced the first one and half the second puffed the other half.
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