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Spares are on: q-view to follow!

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OK, got the ribs in the smoker, I'm goin to buy rib racks for sure. Nearly had to stuff the four racks in there, just enough room without crowdin to much. Course theres nearly 20 pounds of em.

Didn't even have room for my wings! Guess I'll just have to do them tom.

This smoke will give me a chance to see if my new thermal mass device works or not (ok fancy name for 4 bricks).

So, hang on, here we go!
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Sounds good, man everyone but me is smokin today.( at work) cant wait to see pics
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wheres the Qview?????
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Paitience Grasshopper! I'm takin pictures as the smoke progress's, will post later.
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yeah fireguy.......i am not smoking either.......its snowing, and i am too sick to even attempt..........tho tomorrow.........the summer sausage gets its kiss of smoke
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Ah I see the great build up to the Qview I like it PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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yeah.......in the underground, he is called TIP THE TEASE............LOLOL
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no smoke for me today getting 8# of loin in cure&season for bacon-will smoke tomarrow.watch and see trav will run outta batteries or misplace the ucb cable-just watch!good luck buddy!
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Doin a momma project, if it don't get done I'm dead!
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Got ribs Iwant to smoke too but I have to work all weekend. Just my luck.
Can't wait for the qview though to see what I'm missing out on.

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Sounds like alot of ribs to me......wow. Looking forward to the results.
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Looking forward to the Q-view and hearing how your bricks worked out.

I was at Home Depot yesterday debating on getting a nice sized patio block that would fit great on the bottom rack of the smoker, 8x14x1.5 or something like that PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif.
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what kind of bricks.......fire bricks.......or just plain old pavers?
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44 cent a piece concrete pavers. Worked really well, helped hold temps up while I had the door open get em out to wrap in foil. Temp came back up faster to. Gettin ready to post the q-View, everybody is miserable at this point.
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Here's the q-view!

Here they are just goin in. Rubbed em down last night with yeller mustard and a good coating of Southern Comfort rub. You can see my high tech thermal devices in the bottom of the smoke box.

Here's at the 3 hour mark, gettin ready to foil.

Here they are after the last hour. Gettin ready for sauce.

The finished ribs with sauce. We had Delicous potatoes, Corn bread Corn and Homemade bread to go with them.

All in all a very good meal.
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looking good tip...........looking good
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Man, excellent job Trav.
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Nice looking ribs!
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im 700 mi.from my smoker and will be for the next 3 months.guess im going to be living vicaryesly? through your q views but i did bring a weber withcool.gif
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Trav - those look great. Wow.
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