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Wow, I'm semi local

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Howdy (please say this with a thick country accent) I'm Jeff or smohk (pronounced smoke and no it doesn;t come from cooking came from cooking electronics lol) and I are frum Guthrie Ok. (Hicktown for the locals). Got a smoker for my sister and brother in law and then inherited said smoker when they got a divorce. It is a Brinkman Offset that I've seen pictured in a few avatars already. Did my first smoke with a bologna and turned out really well (any idiot can do that, I'm proof lol) Then pull the warming rack, extended the chimney (too far at first) and did two more bologna's. I think they turned out even better. I'm gonna get myself one of the heat shields and a couple of thermometers and gasket seal the cracks and then start experimenting some more. I'll probably be asking LOTS of questions at first too so please bear with me. Happy eating to all.
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Welcome to the smf........You have come to the right place to learn about smoking......Lots of great poepl here and great info too........You might want to take the 5day ecourse........
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Welcome to SMF. As you keep adding mods to your smoker, take notes of what works and what doesn't. If you add too much at once, it might negate what already done.
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Welcome to the forum. biggrin.gif
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Howdee Jeff. Welcome to SMF. Great way to get yerself a smoker eh? No one suspected...heh. At any rate... ask away... we have a perverse love of answering questions for free here. Alot of times even correctly :{)
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Welcome aboard Jeff, glad to have ya!!!
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Welcome to the forum Jeff!smile.gif
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Hey Jeff... good to see another Okie.

I had forgotten all about bologna. My Dad loves that stuff... says he remembers eating it as a kid at a store near his house. I think I'll throw him one on soon... too easy.
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Welcome to the forum. Alot of info and knowledge here. Enjoy it.
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Welcome to SMF. You found the best place for help with any problem.
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Welcome to the SMF, looks like you've got plans for that Brinkman. Feel free to ask questions, we are a friendly bunch that enjoys sharing good times, and some not so good too! Looking forward to some Q Views of that Bologna.
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Whoa...this is weird. I'm used to the STFU No0b when saying "hi". This is gonna take some getting used to. lol Glad to be aboard.
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LOL...yeah, that's the first thing I noticed when I registered here.....this is a super-cool nice bunch of people here, and everyone is willing to offer their advice. There are a few questions that will get debated until the end of time, but, you'll have to draw your own conclusions after the smoke

Glad you joined us here at SMF, and happy smoking!

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