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Thx drlouis, good to see there's quite a few Nebraskans here. If any of you Nebraskans or western Iowegians(?) know places to get smoking woods I'd be more than willing to travel to get it. I have family around Grand Island and friends in Kearney so I cover most the state. PLMK
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I can't help you with finding the wood, but wanted to say Welcome! Glad to have you
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I have a place in Iowa on the Missouri river I go to every weekend in the summer. I'll be scouting out trees for smoking.

I like to use wood. It's 100% cheaper than charcoal.
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Whats up Gabe, this is a great site. I usually pick up my wood at certain ACE Hardwares, the one in springfield plaza (50th and G area) has a great selection, from chips to chunks, and cherry to mesquite. Welcome Aboard!
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Gabriel, if you're wanting to go 100% wood something you may want to look at getting is a burn barrell. Check out the thread below for more info on that process.
I aquired a barrel recently but haven't gotten to work on it yet.
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Welcome to the site! Great place here. Lots of tips and tricks to learn.
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Master Dman, how do you know what trees are what? I see downed trees all over but I have no idea what they are so I'd hate to just cut'em up and take'em home and have it ruin my meat. And in the winter, there's no leaves to help with finding out what the trees are.
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I'm not the best at identifying everything yet.. the internet has everything you need tho. Walking dude had some great sites on that.. I'll dig em up in a bit.

It is easier to figure out what it is when it has leaves.. but if it's already dead, the grain of the wood, and the bark will usually tell you what it is.

95% of the time in Nebraska it's gonna be a cottonwood.. but I learned that a good dry cottonwood is a good smoking wood. Maybe not so much for the smoke flavor, but good free fuel.

We'll have to hook up sometime.. I'll get ya some wood.
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Yah, that's more what I want anyway is free fuel. I don't want to cut down a Apple tree and burn all of it for fuel and flavor. I want something that won't impart any flavor but provide some good heat and then add my flavored wood of choice for flavor. Good to hear that Cottonwood doesn't add much, cause I know we have an ungodly amount of Cottonwood 'round here.
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I have family in Grand Island too, and currently live in Hastings. If you hear of any good places to get woods around here let me know!
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