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bacon trial run QVIEW

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well after smoking "low and slow" for aprx 7 hrs over hickory chunks at 110-120 deg, than upping temp to aprx 150 for an howr or so this is what i ended up with....

under the fan-the weston waiting patiently

after about 3 hrs

final product

got it coolin down, next step to the weston. thks all for the help!!! will send a pic of it sliced in a bit.
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Looks pretty damn good........Great job.............
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Earin, thats some mighty fine looking bacon you've got there. Great Job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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gave the "weston" its trial run, worked good as long as you flipped the piece every couple slices. after i post this pic i off to fry some up.... cant wait til breakfast... why wait til breakfast ehicon_smile.gif

i got to figger out how to get bigger pics,need ur bifocals for these!
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oh my-thats some bacon Erain-all down hill from here!you got it-down hill from here.
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damn Erain we talking bacon here-looking good my friend-glad it worked out.
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That is awesome. Looks like you got it.
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Ill 2nd that for sure.
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Tastey lookin vittles indeed! Glad the new slicer worked out as well! Bet your house smells good!
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thks for the compliments!!! cudnt have done it w/o the site and help of others here. just a word to newbies(i pretty much still amm too), this smokin thing-before i came to this site if i didnt have that smoker billowing i was afraid meat wouldnt get flavor. now i know about the thin blue, i burnt a few chunks to coal-not ash and added just a few little pieces every hour or two. sometimes hardly see smoke. but that what you lookin for. thanks again
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Not sure how I missed this thread........Awesome bacon erain!!
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Good Job Erain!
That looks pretty much like the way I do it too. The drying in front of the fan trick can really shorten your smoking time too. I'm giving you point for your effort.
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thks Jimbo, got the tip from ur thread on makin bacon. excellent thread. i didnt give it tha pressure treatment though,mabe next time. i didnt exactly get what u meant sumthin about horsin, does that mean it take the cure better?
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Great looking bacon...nice job!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Howdy Erain, Not really, "horsing" just refers to the osmotic process that takes place in the structure of the meat, as the cure progresses the meat shrinks as the moisture is forced out out it by the curing salts. Whether its best to press the meat or not is open to debate. For certain items like Italian perchuto it is imperative to do so, but many recipes for bacon omit this step. I've always done it to both my bacon and my jerky mostly "just because" I honestly can't say what difference it makes but it is my belief that the curing process is enhanced by the pressure. One thing I know to be true is that it ensures the meat remained flat during the cure. If you are making a large batch of jerky for example and just throw the strips in any which way, once the cure is finished they will retain whatever shape they had while curing. It may be purely aesthetic, but I think it helps.

BTW I have the same problem with my Weston 10" slicer, if I don't flip the bacon over every third slice or so I end up with that ragged edge of meat between the blade and the tray. Thats the only real problem I have with it.
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man does that look good! i got into smokin for the sausage end of itbut stuff like that has got to be tried thanks for the infowink.gif
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