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Pork loin and sirloin cure

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Tonight I bought a small 3 pound loin and a 3 pound sirloin with the intentions of turning them both into peameal bacon. This will be my first cure using instcure #1. Theres so many threads and so many variations some using mortons not instacure.
I have a few questions. Have you folks had a succesful cure with a sirloin? I know when it comes to chops Ill take a sirloin over a loin anyday because of the additional fat content.
The othe rquestion was who can point me in the right direction for the process to prepare these guys for the smoker using the instracure? Thanks guys, a project in the works.
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Ok fellas are we holding out here?
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Sirloin... beef? Not familiar with peameal. Some kind of cracked corn coating? Also not familiar with Instacure, so I will not comment on that. Sorry Joe.. I got nuthin'.
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i have heard and done pork loin for candian bacon.......pea meal, is rolled in corn meal, and NOT smoked...........but NEVER heard of using beef.......

try this link
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sorry typos all over that one. What I refer to as the sirloin is a pork sirloin roast.

And I meant instacure (formally prague #1) As a pose to mortons tender quick wich is a different ratio.
I know you guys got what I want, I just gotta figure how to ask for it.
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bill........follow my link
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thank you walking dude
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Cool link WD...The guy is using that injector that you like. Looks good in action.
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Walkin Dude is a regular YouTube connoisseur today!!......LOL

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