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The cow part sorta understand.
But why do we have to hear about your neighbor's angus? Tell him to use cornstarch.

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Enquiring minds, yanno...
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i been following this post a little thinking it a bit humorous, i went to work friday and mentioned it to one of the old timers. he didnt sound the least bit surprised about this left brisket being tenderer than the right. as a matter of fact he even had a reason for it which sounds plausible... here it is just for ya all. cattle are considered to be ruminants as are sheep and goats. pigs,deer,elk etc. have a digestive system comparable to humans. basically ruminent have four stomachs instead of one, each one doing a certain part of the digestion process, the first stomach is called the rumen which grass,hay, etc whatever thecow eats goes and is stored where it starts to break down. when the cow is not eating-ie laying down, it needs to regurgitate this and further chew referred to as chewing cud. this first stomach being forward left located does not have muscles which enable it to work the material stored there back to the chewing mechanism. hence the reason the animal lays in a posistion to place pressure on the rumen to sort of squeeze the material back up. so whether or not the left is tenderer than the rite i dunno but ya never know!!! we will have to wait until rich gives us the result of his lefty vs righty brisket showdown.
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Well I carefully picked out a 16 pound flexible left handed brisket on Friday and smoked it for 22 hours from Saturday morning to Sunday morning. Now the problem is I'll be damned if I'm going to buy a "suspect" right handed one to compare! This one was excellent and I'd hate to smoke something substandard just to see if if the story is true!
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Keep buying up those lefties.........maybe the price will fall for those of us who don't mind a righty. wink.gif
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After harassing all of the cattle within a 30 mile radius today..........
I found they were laying on both their left and right sides in equal numbers.icon_mrgreen.gif

RW Willy, next time I talk to my neighbor, I'm gonna tell him I do not want to hear about his red angus.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Dang Cowgirl, that sort of disrupts the theory, ruminant stomach being on the left or otherwise.

But seeing as how your a medical professional, couldn't you give your neighbor some cream for that?

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Left, right brisket.......I was in a strip joint on time........oh, wrong thread. Sorry!!!

Really I will try a left hand brisket when I get back to the states.
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