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PS. If the avatar really does bug anybody I can take it down.
Just let me know.
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I just got my GOSM (from Bass Pro Shops, see my avatar) but I really like it so far. Runs $159 on there website. Mine was a gift from my dad, I think when I saw it in the store it was a little less. Wal*Mart sells something similar for $100. Looks at them online, they don't take up much space. Easy temp control and you can get quite a lot inside. Wal*Mart also has one similar that uses charcoal for about $70.
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Don't bother me none, we've got seven cats! Might try the hammer thing! (just kiddin)PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif Gotta have a sense of humor in life or it will eat you alive!
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I'm with Trav on the avatar ...... gotta have a sense of humouricon_biggrin.gif . I'm on an acreage so we have anything from 8 to 15 barn cats at any one time, depending on the time of year. Also have two indoor cats, oh yeah and two labs.

As for a smoker i'm a charcoal user, never used propane so can't really recommend one. Wally world is a good place to look. If you want to spend a little more, check out Scheels at Coralville.

Whatever you get expect to get hooked on it. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Hey Breck,

I have been to Monroe several times to play golf. They have a nice golf course with a swimming pool (unusual combination for small-town Iowa)

For equipment I have a Brinkman Smoke N Pit. Its a horizontal smoker with side mounted fire box. I bought it at K-Mart between 15 & 20 years ago for about $150.00. I recently purchased a Stumps Elite 4. It is a verticle smoker with a gravity feed fuel box. Works like a charm. It better for what it cost.

You will see pictures on this forum of great looking food that has been cooked on just about every type of smoker imaginable. It basically comes down to knowing the in's and out's of the smoker that you have. I think they all can cook good food.

It's all about having fun.
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Thanks for joining us at the SMF, you're going to get up to speed on that learning curve in realtime. Looking forward to your Q Views my friend.
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wally world smoker

The link below is to wally world gosm, priced just under $140, doesn't say if it comes with gas bottle. I've noticed a lot of people on here are using these.

As Foozer says, it's all down to figuring out whatever smoker you have. That means you just have to use it......... lots icon_biggrin.gif

PS ..... Go CyclonesPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Howdy from Williamsburg and welcome.
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Welcome to the forum Breck!smile.gif
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