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There's No proof.... It NEVER happened

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PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif Saturday in Missouri was BEAUTIFUL!! I picked up 3 nice slabs of ribs, and some JD sausage for my first Fatty. I threw together a rub of brown sugar, cayenne pepper, parika, garlic, and kosher salt for the ribs. Wind was a little strong but the smoker did very well maintaining temps. I tried Kingsford lump I found at our Sams club, never used it before. Except for a lot of popping and crackling when exposed to the wind, it held its temp and lasted a long time. Using 3-2-1 (actually 3-2-45 min) the ribs were tender and juicy.
Having quite a bit of fire left I put some onions and green peppers in a skillet with some butter to pre-cook (can't spell sautea, sautee, sataue - never mind). Put some chili powder, garlic, sage, and cheddar on the sausage (mental note- roll sausage out on wax paper! sausage sticks to cutting board like glue). Put the roll of cheesy goodness on the smoker at 230 for a couple of hours and the results were fantastic. Pictures were taken and q-view was ready for upload then there was a comptuer SNAFU and all was lost. No proof!! Still thought it was worth sharing. With all the raves I got from the fatty, I'll be making many more in the future. My wife has declaired never to eat BBQ away from home again and my In-Laws think I should open a restaurant. If I do that, it won't be fun anymore.
Hope everyone's weekend was as good.
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No pics? I like to see what transpired, but if there are no pics, hey, I believe you. Would one smoker lie to another???? icon_rolleyes.gif

Kingsford is not the best lump, you hit it on the nose about the sparks, popping, etc. Pick up some Best Choice Lump at any store that is supplied by AG. It is Royal Oak in a different bag, about $4 for 10 lbs. Should be easy to find.

Ya got a Sam's in Clinton?
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I've used the BC lump before. Sams had a a special. 4 bags for $13. Since I had never tried it before, I thought I would give it a go.
No Sams in Clinton. Wife and I were in Grandview on Friday to pick some stuff up.
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I believe ya Stacks....and it sounds really good!
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Yep it definitely happened without the qview. Sounds great.
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