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Glad to be here!

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Wow, this is great! People who enjoy doing the same thing as I do!
I'm from Ohio...been smokin' meat for about 4 years. Have a Smokey Mountain smoker..propane with water pan. Pretty small wood box though. Love to smoke fish, chicken..just everything. Had a hard time with smoking goose breast..got a little dry. Any help?
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Welcome John! I think you'll like it here.

How did you prepare the goose breast? Brine, marinade, what temp in the smoker, etc?
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Nice to meet you.
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Thanks smoke blower
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I used a mariade I found on the internet..using worchestershire sauce...came out salty and dry. I smoked at 160 for 3 hours. Must have been wrong somewhere!
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Welcome to your new addiction. Youll learn plenty and learn where ya made mistakes in the past.
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Welcome to the Forum. So, they finally learned what smoking is in Ohio?! In the small town I lived in up there, nobody know what my dad was doing in the back yard with his Bullet Style Smoker under a huge cardboard box, the night before Thanksgiving every year. All they know is that it smelled really good! What part of Ohio you from? I grew up about 20 minutes Southeast of Toledo in a town of about 1100 people, just minutes away from the lake.
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Hi Vegansbeware....small town between Marion & Mansfield...out in the middle of nowhere. Smoking is starting to catch on here. The more people I invite to dinner..the more want to know how to do it! Having a blast doing and helping others at the same time! Thanks for the reply!
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welcome, have fun lookking around and ask plenty of questions..
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Nice to meet ya'all...will be back tomorrow with more "stuff". Thanks for the welcome!
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Welcome to SMF !!!
Try wrapping the goose breast with bacon and spritzing with a apple juice and Captain Morgan mix while smoking. Also, what temperature is your smoker when you are smoking goose breast?
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Hey John welcome to SMF! Got one word for the goose and it's guarenteed- BRINE.

Also a bacon wrap, or a base for your rub consisting of rendered bacon fat. You DO save that after cooking bacon...right? 'Cause "Pork fat RULES"! LOL!
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Welcome....you will learn a LOT!!

I'm with Richtee..."BACON MAKES IT BETTER!!!" <--I have that on my planner at work PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the smf................Glad to have you here.............
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Welcome to the SMF John. Lots of good info on here and people willing to help out with your questions.
I have some goose breasts in the freezer from last fall that I might try and smoke. I have had smoked goose before and as you mentioned it was dry. A friend of mine smoked it many years ago and I know he put the bacon wrap on it, but don't remember if he brined it or not. I will put it on my list of things to try. In the mean time, I will look for a good brine recipe.

Happy Smokin

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Howdy John...welcome aboard....
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A big welcome from southwest Ohio ( 35 miles east of cincinnati). You have found the right place. this forum is packed of friendly folks that can teach us newer smokers a lot. any question that you have just ask, someone will have an answer for you. Happy smoking.
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Welcome to the forum John!smile.gif
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Hi Mossymo,
I like the bacon idea..that should keep some moisture in the breast. I smoked it at 160 after marinating it in teriaki sauce. I'm not a big fan of teriaki, but that is what I found on the internet. I think the Capt Morgan will give it a little more flavor too! What temp to you recommend?
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