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Sharpening grinder knives

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Do any of you sharpen your own grinder knives? I've always been under the impression that it couldn't be done, at least not by the average guy. I do it anyway and have had pretty good luck with my results. All I do is clamp a knife into my vise, and with a 6 in. mill-bastard file, lightly file on the bevel side of each blade of the knife. I strive to maintain the original angle very closely. Then I hit it a few licks with a small stone. I don't touch the "face" of the knife, the part that runs against the plate. I can definitely see a difference in my grinding after this touch up. Of course, I've not done anything to my plates, however, I am inclined to think if you had a very flat, large enough stone, or a machinists granite plate and some fine emery stuck to it you could hone them down a bit as well. Anyone else had any success with sharpening either of these essential parts?
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In 6 years with my last grinder I have not done a thing; we are very picky with the meat making sure bone nor bullet go through. With that being said, is my grinder knife slowly loosing it's edge and I am not noticing it?

Last season we purchased a backup knife and still didn't feel the need to try it. My thought was to bring the grinder knife into a guy I bring hunting & fillet knives, lawn mower blades, saw blades, etc. into for replacing the edge and sharpening ( I do the final honing on the hunting & fillet knifes). I have all the tools to do it myself, I just do not trust myself to a professional that does this daily; price is fairly inexpensive, am I in the wrong for not going totally DYI?
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Gosh, Ive never even thought of sharpening mine.. I always just keep an extra on hand( $14.99). Granted I only do about 3-4 hundred #s a year, but Ive not had a prob yet.. I might give it a try now though.. Thanks mule
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Well thats kind of what I figured as far as cost goes. A new knife isn't terribly expensive, so not out much if I screw it up. Mine had about 10 plus years on them, and also about 300-400 lbs. of meat per year. It just seemed like mine were slowing, and getting "gristled" up more quickly than they should. I'm pretty meticulous about trimming before grinding too. I think it does just kind of sneak up on you. I figured I sharpen all my other cutting tools and knives, including hoof knives, wood chisels, crosscut saws, axes, etc. this can't be much more difficult. So far I don't regret it a bit.
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mule.............i am a diy............and a cheap b*stard......hehehe........if i can do if myself..........EVEN if i can afford to have someone else to do it, i would rather at LEAST give it one shot.............

tho i DO pay to have my oil changed..............LOLOLOLOL
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I have learned to sharpen my own cutters-blades,chain saw-etc-(woodworker that I be) I have a triangle sharpening rig that I bought 30 years ago-many different # stones-very rare I let anything go to where I need a file,but times u do,than the stone,30* angle is a norm on alot of things-and never touch the trailing edge,cept with a emory cloth-if u don't trust yourself than learn! if not trust another!It don't take much to ruin a good edge.
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MOI? eek.gif
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you don't change your own oil dude?? sheesh
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crap............by the time i jack up the car.........fight taking off the filter.......dropping the oil plug into the refuse oil pan and digging it out....busting acouple knuckles......spilling oil all over the exhaust manifold putting the new oil in.........and having THAT smoke for 15 minutes driving down the road......(look like a cheech and chong movie)........and it took me a hour............yeah......i have jiffy lube do it.................LOLOLOL

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If you love'em, lube'em !!!
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HAHAAH........from the sounds of it.........its been as long for YOU to lube what you love as it has me..........BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAH
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well I spose you have 2 left hands and 10 thumbs dude-I trust no-one with my vehicle-least goofy lube!!
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kinda hard to screw up a oil and filter change...................but what the heck
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Hold on, I am still talking about sharpening, Dude wasn't....

Now, when you were talking about wise guys,... you were not including Dude; right?
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oops sorry was a sharpening thread-so Steve u sharpen your own pencil?
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hell Mo I take the blame-i always guilty
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by the way I been called Bob here & there beats dl.maybe a proper meeting sometime?
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oops i get the wise guy thiing now hehe
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