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tough cuts of meat

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do tough cuts like an arm roast or chuck roast come out tender in a mes or do they need to be crock potted after they have been smoked? thanks.
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well.....a brisket is a tough cut of meat............but after bout 16 hours of low and slow, its as tender as a old maids love............

lots of folks here, do low and slow on those cuts of meat............then pull or slice
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Cooking it in the MES will do wonders for those pieces of meat. The smoking process...low and slow is basiclly doing what your crock pot would.
Try one of those roast out and see.
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tjw cant help ya with the mes , but ihave done some chuck roast in the verticle brinkmann using the water pan and it came out fine . it wasnt butter tender but it wasnt tuff at all
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After watching all the yanks pull chuck roast, I gave it a try.

I smoked a chuck that fell apart nicely. Bought like pulling a point(if ya do it right).
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thanks for the quick responses guys. WALKING DUDE, i see from your profile we are from the same generation. remember when the old tough brisket was under 49 cents a pound instead of 3.49 and ham hocks were free or 20 cents a pound, instead of 2.29. go imagine, guess the popularity of the diy smokers contibuted to the price increases for what used to be considered mostly scrap. parents had the old smoke shed on the farm when i was very young.
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Who you callin a yank?? PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif

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Flash, your Q looks like a fellow could hurt himself w it.....great!

While I am in the presence of masters, a question: I can make great brisket, what must I do to do equally well w some of the cheaper roasts? Mine always come out tasting like a roast that someone tried to cook like a brisket!
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flash, thats lookin real tasty!
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