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any tipson smoking whole beef tenderloin???? please help
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Just don't over do it. 130-135 Medium Rare. 140-145º Medium.
Try mojo for a marinade.
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ok the temps are internal right? and mojo???
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High heat and just salt (heavily) and pepper on the outside.........350 or so if your smoker can do it, go even higher if you can. Like Flash said, go by the internal temp to tell you when it is done. Let it rest for 20 mins or so before you slice. Keep in mind that the internal temp will probably rise between 7 and 10 degrees while it rests.
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Sounds goooood. Mojo is a Cuban marinade made from sour orange. You can mix regular orange (fresh juice) and lime to simulate, then add garlic and onion. You can also buy it from most stores in the hispanic section.
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