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Chuck Steaks.....

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We share a cow that we buy at our county fair every year. Our babysitter left the freezer door open and a bunch of meat thawed. I have a package of chuck steaks but not sure what to do w/ 'em.
Thinking of a rub, smoke at 225 till 165, foil, take up to 200ish, wrap it w/ towel and put in a cooler for an hour then pulling it. Will that work? Or should I smoke it to 165 and slice thin? Any better ideas?
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Make some jerky.
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Jerky it be a good idea.
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If its chuck steak, I would would just flip it on the grill a couple of times and eat. Chuck roast, I would pull.
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I've always sliced chuck roast, I've never pulled it. I don't really know how it is pulled, but I sure do like it sliced.
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I am always waitin for chuck rolls to go on sale, I think next week! I love smoked chuck, I slice and pull, depends on the meat and my time. Here is a pick of some chuck that was sliced at one end, and the other end pulled!

and here it is sliced and pulled.

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capt dan. that looks great. what temp did you smoke the sliced too?
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And pulled....or chunked at glued2it called it wink.gif

Pretty much do it as you would a butt, but there are several types of chuck. Some pull easily, some partial. One member took it higher than 205º to get it to finally pull.
post #10 of 12 question going to EVER use that babysitter again?

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yep. she is 22 and hot. She thawed stew meat, chuck steaks and cube steak. Nothing important. all the good stuff is in the back of the freezer and not in the door.
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pne, I take the sliced stuff to 180-190, and 200-205 for the pulled.
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