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MES questions

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Hi all! Just wondering how everyone else operates their MES. I guess it could vary per item smoked, but what does everyone do with their top vent? Also, does everyone always use water in the pan? What about the wood chips? Soak them or not?

I have been running the top vent 1/2 open, with water in the pan and soaking the chips in water. But after doing some more reading, I'm leaning towards not soaking the chips.

Just curious what everyone else is having success with. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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I don't run an electric...but if I did..I'd keep that top vent open.
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i run mine all open, always

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I run mine vent wide open all the time too. This weekend for the first time I put water in the pan for some spare ribs. Seemed to work pretty good as everything was nice and moist. I've soaked my chips a few times, but I tend not to do it any more. Just seems like a waste of time as the chips don't smoke for a while when you put 'em in, until the water evaporates off, then you just have dry chips again... so unless you have a reason to delay the smoking a little, it doesn't seem like much good to me.
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I run mine with the vent open all the way. I used to smoke the wood chips, but I stopped doing that a few months ago and I like the results I am getting. And I usually fill the water pan about half full after wrapping it with foil.
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I am a top vent wide open, water in the pan and use soaked wood chips type a guy. The last 2 are out of habit, the 1st is so I don't over power the food with smoke and creosote; that and if you love your smoker, let it breathe !!!
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"Smoke it, don't choke it"

Well said Mossy!
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Ha, yeah! I learned that the hard way! Tried some ABTs with the vent closed so I could really get some smoke on them the short time they were in there. That didn't work out so well......redface.gif
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