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I like dealing with this company. I have a small problem with my slicer. it has a plastic guard which has a tiny crack in it. I called them and spoke with then. I think it is Braden ext 201. he was very helpful and shipped a new one to me. over all this is a great company to deal with.

I am going to buy a meat grinder. I want to try making my own sausage next. so whatever I purchase will be from them!
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Exact same thing happened to me. For some reason Braden asked me to e-mail a picture which I did. He e-mailed me back saying a replacement would be shipped. Mine had a crack near one of the screw holes.
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Mine comes tomorrow, Any chance you can post that picture so we know what to look for?
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I received my 12" slicer yesterday and it also had a crack in the plastic shield right where the screw hole is. I think I will call Branden also.
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Thanks for the info, will have to poke around in there site some!
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mine was cracked in the same place. but I was not asked for a picture of the crack.......
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Mine too. I tossed the part. It's in my way.
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Got my 12" slicer today. Unpacked it out of the box and letting it warm up. I noticed that I also see a small crack in the plastic shield down by the screw hole. I will have to call tomorrow. Looks like a nice unit. I noticed on the front of the owners manual that it says "Refurbished Unit" and upon reading inside says" do not run slicer for more than 15 minutes, then let sit for 30 to 60 minutes". Didn't I read that they were putting in a new circuit breaker and maybe this is why it says refurbished?? Any thoughts?
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Solder a 16 AWG wire across it, and when the motor casing it too hot to touch...take a beer break. :{)
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it say's refurbished because of the new circuit breakers, and the ones that got installed will let the units run longer then 20 minutes....... Mine showed up today but it does not have the small crack that others seem to have in theirs......granted I've not toyed with it much except to take it out of the box as I've been toying with the other new toy we got today 50" plasma hdtv...... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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i noticed on my 12 inch that on the bottom side of unit their is a air intake. a piece of plastic with slots in it. if these units get hot it looks like to me i could set the legs up maybe use wood blocks and put a small fan on the opening to blow air into the motor housing to cool motor. i really couldnt belive that these units did not have a cooling fan on to start with. lets see the motor is getting so hot that it is tripping the circut breaker. maybe blow a little cool air over the motor?? i have gave this unit a pretty good workout and kept checking the motor housing did not seem to get warm at all. but if it does i will install a little electronics cooling fan.also their is no ventilation on the top side of the motor housing so all the heat will stay inside. this will also be addresed if i have overheat issues but so far so good .i am going to make a piece to go under the blade guard and above the base to make cleaning easier.
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okay, I decided to break down and clean the slicer since I'm as far as I can go tonight with the other toy. I must say first and foremost, this slicer is the EASIEST one to clean that I've ever owned. I can clean it in 1/3rd the time of my others..... I'm not sure if the other guy's here who are having problems are removing the blade, that is the key......and not hard to do at all and in fact the best way to sanitize the blade to begin with........
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Getting ready to leave the Fire Station and head home. The wife called last night and said the big box had arrived. Got a good deal on ham the other day and will try the slicer out today.
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this is the first slicer that i have owned. i have used a hobart(commercial) and cleaned it before and as i remember it was easier to clean. i remove the blade and tray first then clean the rest. it takes me approx. 25min from start to finish to get cleaned and sanitized.
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I called Weston this morning and told them about the crack in the plastic food tray. She asked for my name and the part number and said they would ship one out right away, no questions asked. I sharpened the blade last night and everything seems to run fine. Now I just need to find a place to store it...lol!
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Got home and opened my slicer. Sharpened the blade and will slice ham later today. I also had a small crack in the plastic. I have to agree with Richtee that it is in the way and just another part to clean. I took it off.

Thanks djohn312 for letting us know about this deal!
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I ordered two 12in'' slicers, one for me, one for my brother. They are supposed to be here today. One thing that concerns me, the lady that I talked to said that they only have a limited parts supply, for instance, they don't have ANY replacement blades. icon_sad.gif Perhaps replacement parts can be found somewhere? She said the units are built in China, which is proably ok for a home unit. Did anyone else ask about parts?
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your welcome I had been looking for a slicer for awhile and just stumbled on this. Thought it was to good to be true. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop when I got a call from them the next day thinking that the were going to say it was a miss print on the web but all they wanted to tell me was the shipping issue. So I had to pass it on.
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I spoke to them and they said they had plenty of blades but there was no chees blade for them.
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I just got the 10" slicer as it arrived today. Everything is in great shape. Honestly, that's enough slicer for me and I'm glad I didn't get the 12".

It's a hell of a deal!!
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