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Eggs in fatties

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I've seen boiled, scrambled and raw eggs used in fatties on here. What's the best way? Do the raw eggs cook through? I kind of like the idea of using the raw eggs, but I don't want food poisoning.
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to me......the only thing i can see a raw egg in there is for a binder........and will/maybe turn into summin like scrambled..........hmmmmmmmm

good idea..........i wuld think as long as internals are high enuff for the should be okay............

experiment, and get back to us
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You need to pre scrammble them before you put them in. They will cok some put not the way you are looking for.
Scrammble them so they are still moist, kinda soupy. Then put them in the fatty. tghey will cook the rest of the way like that.
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first time we put em in a fatty they were boiled hard to wrap but well worth the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks, I think I'll try scrambling them. Can't go wrong that way.
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often wondered that myself. Put plenty of other things in them though. Good stuff. I'll have to try the eggs now!
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Just remember not to scrammble them all the way. Or you will just end up with dried up no taste eggs...
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Glass of orange juice with it and you have a complete meal.

Great idea eggs in a fatty
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Thanks again for the help. I used runny scrambled eggs and they came out great. Cooked but still moist.
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