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Tuesday smoke

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Q-View of my tuesday smoke, bb ribs, fatty stuffed with asparagus and cheddar wrapped in baccon, abt with cheddar and venison stix wrapped in bacon, smoked asparagus, and chicken wings smoked and finished on gas grill, snowed all day ended up with 4in by the time I was done smoking at 8 pm

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Awsome q-view, Phil. And right at my lunch time too...something tells me that cold luncmeat just ain't gonna satisfy today...
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wow looks goodicon_mrgreen.gif
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Made me hungry already!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Nice job, everything looks good.
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Looks amazing.
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Like everyone else said looks good and right at lunchtime...d#*n! And I like asparagus too, would of never thought of that.
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Hey great job! Everything looks perfect!
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Vert nice smoke session, and Q view too! Caught me before breakfast... now I'm starvin' like Marvin.
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That looks real good. one question though, Do the asparagus go in the fatty raw, or do you blanch them before hand?
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Super job Phil!!Everything looks great.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I put them in raw, so alittle bit crunchy still, The other asparagus I smoked for the last hour of the smoke, timed every thing so came off smoker same time, ribs 6hr, fatty 5hr, abt 2 1/2 hr, chicken 2 hr then on gas for about 20 min, asparagus 1 hr.

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They look great.
I gotta try a fatty soon. All these pics are driving me crazy.PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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wow good looking stuff fatty looks kick ***
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Wow, now theres a blue plate special at the heart attack resteraunt! But mighty tasty lookin!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks damn good............Great job there.................
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Man that looks great especially the fattie
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great job Phil-and good timeing also
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Phil, everything looks great!smile.gif
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