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New member from CT

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Hey everyone I'm brand new, I would say a brand new cooker of steak as well since I just left the nest and now I'm out on my own. Anyway, I want to know if I can smoke steak. Any suggestions?

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You can....but... get a wood fire going in the grill, and don't be shy with the wood. Wait till the flame is almost gone, alot of hot coals- and slap 'em on the hot grate.

No point in smoking a steak, really...get the smoke flavor in this way.

Oh,and welcome to SMF! You have a long time of good food ahead!
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What Rich said. Welcome to the SMF, David.
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Welcome to SMF, David! The folks around here have lots of experience to share about all kinds of outdoor cooking. Ask your questions and you'll have answers before you know it.
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Welcome to SMF !!!
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Welcome David to SMF!
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Welcome to the smf...........

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Welcome Dave

Welcome to the smf Dave. I'm sure you will get lots of help from the folks that have been on the forum for some time. I'm sure if it is edible, someone has tried to smoke it. icon_lol.gif

Enjoy your time here.

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Welcome Dave to SMF.
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