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Huge Superbowl Cook

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My bro Andy wanted me to cook for his superbowl party. About 70 people attended. I got lots of pics but once the party started I got real busy. Total cook was 40 lbs boston butt, 15 racks of BB ribs, 15 lbs wicked beans, 40 brats, 20 chicken breasts,1 gal of mustard sauce, 1 gal of sweet sauce. Took me 2 full days. Pulled pork on day 1 and everything else on day 2. Everyone loved it and I have several more partys to cook for as a result! I see why most people say that a LM 60 gets small in a hurry. It would have been great to have a LM84 with a warmer! Thats just for 70. imagine 200!!

40 lbs of bostons mustard dry rubbed

Thin and Blue!

Getting a nice Bark!

Some of the Pork pulled and chopped

Day 2 15 racks rubbed and on

Ribs Done that's where I got real busy no more pics after that sorry!
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WOW!!! What an effort! Everything looks wonderful! I gotta give points for that!

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Ditto on the points. Well Done Sir!
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Good looking smoke! I'll bet there were 70 happy campers at the party.
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Looks great and sounds like you were the hit of the party.
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I'm gettin' hungry just looking at the Qvue!

Glad it turned out good for ya.
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Looks awesome Jmedic!
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Thanks for the Q-VUE! Everything looked yummy!
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How Old Is Your Lang 60 ??? If I May Ask
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Have you made a Roll Call post, may I ask? We're nosy!
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Well I got it in the fall 07. It's a 2001 model, it was kept outside by a Charleston BBQ guy. I refinished the cooker part. I will do the trailer soon.
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Good grub medic.
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Great looking grub and super nice q-view.
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Great Job

I must say that is some beautiful q-view and a job well done. I am sure everyone enjoyed the game with all that grub. Ditto Points
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Thanks ALL!
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