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What is your favorite fatty filing

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I am going to make a couple of fattys this weekend for my wife and daughters and am looking for suggestions on fillings. They don't want anything too spicy
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I've only tried one so far, but we really liked it. Fresh chopped mushrooms, French's fried onions and shreadded cheddar cheese. I can't say it wasn't spicy because ther was plenty of smoke and sausage spice, but it was not hot. Very good on english muffins or by itself.
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Saw your user name and thought I know what that is. N9NQK here popped yours into the arrl data base to be sure, glad to meet you. I think we are a dying breed with the internet and cell phones everywhere
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bread crumbs, croutons, bacon bits, or chinese noodles are yummy.....icon_smile.gif
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Have not done one yet, but wife is interested and watching this post PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I use mushrooms, onions, and garlic. Saute, let cool, and add to fatty, cover with colby jack cheese. Also for a change, use crab meat, mozz cheese, and sprinkle with Old Bay.
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The possibilities are only as limited as you let them be. So far everything I have tried has been great in them. They are cheap enough to do so make several different and see which they like best. I also think if you use whatever they would like on a pizza they will enjoy!!!!!!!Good luck and let us know!!!!!!!!!!Don't forget the q-view!!!!!!!!!!!
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I just did my second and I wanted to try something that I knew would be good, at least to me. I threw onions and green peppers in a skillet to saute (the first one I smoked I put the veggies in raw and they were undercooked when the fatty was finished, still tasted good just too much crunch for me), rolled out the sausage, poured on alot of freshly shredded cheddar, added onions & peppers, rolled, wrapped with bacon and slightly rubbed. Simple and delicious, but I don't know if it is possible to screw up a fattie.
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I do not think you can unless they get overcooked. I don't go past 165* myself!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THE FATTY
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This is a pic of a fatty stuffed with asperagus and shredded cheese and wrapped in bacon, with a few baby backs on the side ,next morning made sausage and egg mcmuffins

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Gramason came up with the crab idea... i made one and it was great!!!
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I'd have done one by now but I CAN'T get my wife interested, LOL!
I'll just break down and do one some time and take it to work, keep the suggestions a comin!
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this is my 2nd attempt the wife made this and oh wow kick *** all the breakfast stuff in one see what i mean

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Personally I'm not a fatty fan but my wife loves em!

Fatty ,
A chub of breakfast sausage, left whole, and smoked.
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