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Chicken Rolls

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Smoked these last night. Can't go wrong with an abundance of bacon! The thing on the second rack is a smoked (or soon to be smoked) stuffed cabbage. Filled it with butter, ham, french onion soup mix and a bit of mustard oil. Delicious!
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Oh man!! I never thought about doing a cabbage in the smoker. Guess what's next on my list? Great looking smoke! Keith
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Looks good man. I have done cabbage on smoker before. They are good.
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I'm not a huge fan otherwise. On the smoker is a different story though. I use a melon-baller and core it out pretty well and then stuff it with whatever sounds good. A good starting point is stuffing it with butter, mustard and bacon bits. Then, to really make it tasty lay strips of bacon across the top of it. Maybe 5 or 6 strips. The outermost leaves will be limp and rubbery but the interior is soft and chock full of flavor. They take awhile if you like them soft, 4 hours or so.
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Payson, those look awesome!
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So I guess you filet a chicken breast like you would a pork loin??? Than stuff and roll??
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Looks and sounds great to me payson. I like cabbage so I may have to try one day!!!!!!!!!!
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This is a chiken breast pounded really thin and then layered with ham and provolone and rolled up jelly roll style. The bacon gets toothpicked on to hold everything together.
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Man that looks delicious!
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Great Smoke!
I would love to give some points. But for some reason I keep getting a message that I have given to manyfrown.gif
Anyway keep up the great work and keep the q-view coming.
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Thanks for the effort with the points! Thanks for everyone's nice comments too!
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thats awesome!!
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I don't know anything about giving points, but I can certainly give you your props. Great looking Q. May just have to try that this weekend with the chicken breasts I'm smoking.
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