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Picking up another Smoker or two

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Ok, I have been constantly watching craigs list, I found a Char-griller Pro. It has only been used twice. It does not have the side fire boxeek.gif . No biggie.
I just offered less than they wantd b/c of this.
Any way got the thing for $50icon_smile.gif
Heres a pic...

Not even broke in yet!!!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

On the other smoker. My Truck will be all mine at end(not mine and the banks) of the month and wife said If I want a Lang to get the one I wanticon_surprised.gifeek.gif !
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Sweet deal. You stoled it. lol. Good smoking ahead for you.

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Nice deal on the char griller, My trucks been paid off, and my wife never offered anything like that. Must be nice.
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Yea... me too Lance... my truck got paid off... my new toy came in the shape of a n Exterra.... for HER.....
DS - bring that new lang ya get north on 95... exit 89.... theres a group of us up here that will give ya a hand burnin' her in!
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Will do Mark.
Just gotta wait tell start of next month to do anything as far as ordering.
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I only got a few payments left on my truck, can you have your wife call my wife!

You lucky SOB!biggrin.gif
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Great find DS!
Can't wait to see your new lang too.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Ds nice deal on the char griller! As for the Lang I agree with busted, come north for a visit with us here in HDG and we will have a good time!!!!!!!!!
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I am planing on it! Already talked to Mark about it. icon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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You bring the smoker, and we will load it up.
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Hey ds, little known travel fact for you. Going to Maryland from Virginia takes like 4939 hours. If you come through Topeka Kansas, then head north, you cut your time in half! :D
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Would love to head that way AJ.
I haven't been further west than Tenn. in over 20 years.
Maybe sometime in the future.
Wife won't be letting me go that far with a little about to arriveicon_mrgreen.gif !
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if not this year........bring it NEXT year's SMF get together.......even a SHORTER
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Might do it Dude! You just never know.icon_mrgreen.gif
Will have to do it between m-cycle events. smile.gif
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You're a very lucky guy! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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