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Tri Tip

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Went to Costco and picked up some tri tips but I'm thinking I may have bought the wrong thing. This meat is cut into strips about 2" wide, 1" think and about 6-8" long. Are these just steaks cut from a tri tip roast that I should have bought? Can I still smoke these with good results or should I treat them as a steak?

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If I understaood you correctly, you have steaks from a TRI TIP. You can smoke them, but I would watch them as they'll cook much faster than a regular TRI TIP roast and you wouldn't want them to dry out. With the roast, you can use a meat probe and track the internal temp. TRI TIP is a west coast favorite and usually smoked as a roast.
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Costco Tri-Tips


I smoked about 25 pounds of those tri-tips last week for a large group. Richoso is correct, they'll cook much faster due to their small size.

The dry rubbed tri-tips shrank during the smoking process. I used a wet smoker (GOSM Big Block) and the steaks came out very tender (great marbling on this cut). Smoked for four hours around 220*. My only regret was using to much mesquite which produced a very strong flavor. Overall, I would smoke these Costco tri-tips again.

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Almost sounds like something for fijitas(sp)? Still its a very flavorful cut of meat, can smoke anything but be careful not to dry it out.
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So, do you think this cut would work well for kabobs? I'll have to ask the next time in Costco if they have a whole roast I can get.
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