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Gonna be tough to smoke in SE Michigan today

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This Brinkmann was at 230° and exhaling thin blue 6 hours before this pict, taken at 7:30 AM.

Phew. I been plowing my drive for the last 2 hours, and got 2 more yet probably. Happy New Year to you, too, Mother Nature ;{)
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I'd be glad to take some of that off of you Rich. Haven't had a snow like that here in years. I miss it to.
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Man! Be careful out there, you can send a little our way. Don't forget to enjoy the holiday some too. I think you'll more than deserve a rest and the libation of your choosing after all that.
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Rich, This is definitely one of the most beautiful snows we have had in recent years. But it sure was heavy on the shovel. I was going to try a fatty with the electric ECB but the deck is still a tad damp so I am going to skip it.
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Yeah it WAS pretty. But UGH! heavy and DEEP! Here's Bro Marktee cleaning out his drive this AM. All those tall pines were bending with the weight of the snow.

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Man Richtee that looks like the snow that we had here last new years day. If I remember right we got something like 16 or 18 inchs that weekend. It sucked. I spent like 8 hrs at work on new years day moving snow, then I had to come home and finish there. Well stay warm and just remember we are on the down hill side of winter now.

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Stay warm and be safe!!!!!!! I do not envy that snow job at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yeah.......and here i am b*tching bout my 9 degree weather i am smoking in at the moment...........glad for NOT the snow.............

bet you are thanking god for the ford tractor, huh rich?
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Unfortunately, that's my Bro's tractor. I have a MUCH smaller John Deere 18 horse. Took over 3 hours to clean the drive. Mine tends to drift, and I have several spots 2 foot deep. My blade is only 2" high. Ah well...
post #10 of 16 why didn't your bro......just drive his tractor over to YOUR place to help out............
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He lives 45 min. away ;{) And that's at 45-65 MPH.
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what can i say.......its a nice winters drive.......refreshing

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thought i would make my 1000th post with saying happy new year

and yes it was a little tough for smoking today

2 fatties - i pkg brats -(no pics) was snowing but no wind here

i got about a foot and half of snow looking to be shovelled right
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yea, after truckin out to the pole barn, getting the old 52 ford tractor with back bladeout and plowing I still managed to smoke a couple of pounds of venison jerky. Did a two pound meat loaf and a fatty the previous day.
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I feel for ya Rich. I suffered thru my smoked chicken yesterday in shorts and a t-shirt. biggrin.gif Kinda cold out there today though and forecast for 20º tonight. Shouldn't be any of the white stuff though wink.gif
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Got home yesterday afternoon to 12 inches in the driveway. Not to be outdone, promptly cleaned the drive, patio, and deck. Smokin tonight or tomorrow.

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