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Turkey Won't Thaw

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Well I know someone else has had this problem. I bought (3) 12 # turkeys for Christmas Day. I was going to smoke one the fry two of them. I put them in the fridge out in the garage on Wednesday, Dec. 19th and I went out to get them to inject them and they were froze solid as a rock still!! I
put them in the sink of cold water to thaw and they finally got injected 6 hours later. Boy did this put me behind. I finally got one on the smoker and it is still smoking. I am going to fry the other two in the morning. I am through ranting and I've had a couple of adult beverages to calm me down. I hope tomorrow goes a little better than today.
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I hate when the forces of the fridge are against me. You conquered and over came the obstacle and all is well. Now enjoy another beverage just because you can enjoy it.

Best wishes to you and yours.
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Hey Paul, thats misery allright. I guess we all been there, done that. I know that it will all turn out to be food for the God's. Merry Christmas my friend, and the same wish's to everyone on this forum. smile.gif
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Look at it this way: You are still FAR better off than the three birds ;{)

Merry Christmas!
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Thanks Pigcicles...........Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hope you get everything you were hoping for my friend.
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Terry and Richtee.........Merry Christmas to you both. I am sitting here with another adult beverage (Hic-cup) feeling good I might add.....
waiting for the fat guy with the red suit to show up to see which one of them reindeer he's gonna give up so I can make some jerky with...LOL.
I'll share....don't worry. He can find another replacement next year.
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hahahaahahah! CHEERS! \_/ Go With Rudolph...gotta be the youngest eh? LOL
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Good point!
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All I can say is make sure there 100% thawed before you put them in a deep fryer.. Any ice and you could have your hands full with a oil fire..

Good luck with the cook...
I love fried Turkey :P
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Well......just got home from in-laws house for Christmas Dinner. I wound up frying (5) turkeys and smoking one. All were a sucess and all eaten. We had 42 people to feed unlike Thanksgiving where I fed 72 people. I have a large family and couple of friends dropped in. Seems that when I mention I am frying turkey lots more people show with their own turkey in hand. I can not get anyone else to fry the turkeys no matter how much I try to teach them. The guys say that I do it so well they don't need to know how...Heh. Everone brought a covered dish so there was plenty of food. The women baked (3) 14# hams in the oven. Overall we had a great Christmas and hope everybody else did too.
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