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And of course, the ultimate compliment to a bowl of chili is a big fat gooey cinnamon roll!
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huh confused.gif

Any good roll to push the chilli around with PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Now, for something entirely different. There is some small dark chocolate squares by Dove. Throw one or two into the pot of your chilli. Never would have believed it.....excellent.
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There is much truth spoken there. Are you my long lost brother? Maybe our Moms went to the same Mom school!

This morn I mentioned to my wife that everyone was talking chili, and guess what is for supper?! Yahoooooooo!
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My wife and I were just talking about how many recipes should be made and then sat in the fridge overnight before eaten. Heck, that should be written in the recipe, many taste so much better the next day !!!
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Well, I managed to dig out some tamales to go with my leftover chili tonight. Pretty good grub on a cold night.
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While I agree that allowing the chili to temper over night has a great effect on it, there is no way that I could just sit here and let a perfectly good pot of chili wait over night before attacking it.

Forgive me, I am weak! OK I will let half a pot rest overnightPDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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chocolate and Cinnamon to me, do NOT belong in chili, tho i have seen alot of recipes calling for it.........cinncinati's chili, which is supposed to be world class, uses cinnamon,........just can't get around that taste.......let alone serving it on spaghetti........but thats just me...........
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I started cutting way back on how many beans I put in. I still put some in, but not like I used to...I like getting a chuck roast and cutting it up into half inch cubes, letting that simmer all day long, shredded cheddar and some diced jalapeno's on top! My husband likes to mix it with mac and cheese for left overs.
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yeah CHILI MAC........my grandkids LOVE it
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Never tried the cinnamon, but have the chocolate. i have a jar of those dark chocolate dove bars in the kitchen now PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I'm with you WD ... cinnamon ... absolutely no way!
Chocolate on the other hand, if used like the homemade Mole salsa I had would be great in a chili!
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I also grew up eating chili with beans. Also add onions, sliced japalenos while cooking. Serve over rice or flat bread. Or crumble saltine crackers in bottom of bowl. Add chili, small amount yellow mustard and pepper jack cheese. Yummy!!!!!
1st day: good
2nd day: better
3rd day: none left icon_mrgreen.gif

Oh yeah...gotta have cornbread!
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Believe me Squeezy, I thought the same thing. No more. Try it, it surely won't screw it up so that you can't even eat it.
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OK Flash ... what ratio would you add cinnamon?
ie: 1 tsp to 2 lb. or?
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I'm with Squeezy on the mole, that's getting into some traditional recipes.
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Sorry, I will stick to just chocolate for now. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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No no no! Not cinnamon in the chili! Gross!

I am talking about a tall gooey cinnamon roll to eat after the chili (or during). For whatever reason, chili and a cinnamon roll just go together like potatoes and gravy!
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aj.......i wonder if that is not a hold over from school meals...........

bout every friday.............it was chili with Velveeta strips........which we would break up into the chili..........

and they also had Cinnamon Rolls............best meal they EVERY made in grade.......jr high......yeah thats right......JUNIOR high......NOT middle school.........and then HIGH school..........

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Before I finished that pot of chili, I had chili, frito pie, hot dog w/chili, tamales w/chili, and even chili and beans. It sure was good but I think I will make stew the next cold spell.
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It was probably elementary school or middle school when I first had a bowl of chili with a cinn roll next to it. I suppose it has as much to do with sentiment as it does with taste!
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