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too many pages to go back if this has been posted before, my apologies............

but they cancled emeril live.......he will still do the essence show.......but more emeril live...........
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But I'm working late and my sprout loves tater tots and bbq chicken! He'd be happy without the green beans, I'm puttin them on the menu to force him to eat something green!! Now actually, his favorite would be the beans, the kid makes more baked bean sammiches than I've ever seen! You're right, I'll change from green to baked. He'll be eatin chicken & baked bean sammiches for sure!! He'll probably throw a tater tot or two on there also...
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I HATE green-yellow-wax-purple-lima beans. Weird. love any others. Ah well. I have grown to like or love sooo many other foods that as a kid I'd have died of starvation before eating 'em. Guess the bean thing is for real.
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Hey Shell, nothing wrong with green beans! Sautee them in evoo (or butter... or both), along with some fresh chopped garlic and a touch of lemon zest. Salt and pepper to taste and sprinkle some fresh ground nutmeg over them.

Ta' die for I tell ya'!
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As long as the green beans are fresh... I cant stand that canned mushy garbage. The jolly green giant should be shot for his crimes against veggies.
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Vlap, we should line him up and let the Broccoli Bros. heave canned asparagus at him.
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I'm with V on the canned green beans - but I do like them frozen.

Hawg throw some smoked sliced almonds in with those beans it's great!
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And bacon drippings. :)
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green bean bundles - bacon wrapped green beans

Actually this is one of my favorite green bean recipes - it's called green bean bundles, it's excellent!! We use frozen green beans instead of the canned.

2 cans WHOLE green beans, drained
1 lb. bacon, cut in half
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 stick butter, melted
Worcestershire sauce

salt & pepper
Wrap 5-6 green beans in 1/2 slice of bacon. Secure bacon with toothpick. Place side by side in large baking pain. Season with salt and pepper. Combine butter and brown sugar and worchestershire to taste and pour over all. Cover with foil and cook at 375 for 30 minutes, uncover and cook for 10 more minutes.
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I almost screamed when I read the first line of that recipe. Before the shriek of terror came out I read about the frozen.
Don't particularly care for those either. Ice crystals destroy the cell wall of a veggie. This alters the texture in ways I don't care for. Only canned veg I will eat is corn. Just not that creamed stuff. Frozen veg I use here and there when throwing it into a stew.
As a child I grew up hating veggies until I got into good food and tried these things fresh. Then a love developed. Now its blanch shock and then cook how I want. Or just grill them. I will hate mushy veggies to the day I die.
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Shell, that recipe looks great btw. I would probably use fresh beans though. I may try it icon_smile.gif
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This time of year up here though there isn't getting any fresh green beans. The only kind I really like frozen are Hanover blue lake green beans. These are as close to fresh as they come in the frozen variety...I think the best frozen corn is John Cope's Silver Queen, though you might not be able to get it down there...try the recipe though, it's excellent and you can make a nice presentation of these little "haystacks" by standing them on end!
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I will definitely give it a try.
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