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I'm looking for some good bean recipes as well as good ways to grill corn. Heck, if you've got any other good side ideas, throw them my way. Thanks for any help. I love this site.
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you didn't see the sticky at the top of the side item page?

dutch's beans dude......ROCK....hold on.......let me get you that url

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I'm making some tomorrow, those are killer beans. I do the family safe version.
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Dutch's Wicked Smoked Beans are great, just wish they were arse freindlly !!!
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Deejay’s Boston Baked Beans

Makes about ½ gallon
1 package small white dry beans (I use Great Northern)
1 teaspoons salt or to taste
1/2 teaspoons white pepper
2 teaspoons dry mustard
2 cup Brer Rabbit molasses the darker the better
1/2 lb smoked bacon diced slightly browned
1 diced red or green pepper
2 large onions sliced thin and separated

Rinse and pick over dried beans to remove any stones or debris before cooking. To make it easier sort dried beans on a large white plate or on a white, rimmed cutting board. The neutral background makes any unwanted stones or loose skins easy to spot.

Soak the beans in cold water for 24 hours or simmer them just long enough for their skins start to burst. If you simmer them, save the bean water, and use it in the bean pot later.

When the beans are ready add the onions and the drained beans into the bottom of the bean pot or foil pan if smoking. Stir in bacon. Mix all of the other ingredients with 2-4 cups of hot water (you may use the water you simmered the beans in earlier and dump it into the beans. Add enough water to cover the beans, and put the pot in the oven or at 250ºF.

Bake or smoke about 6-8 hours or until the beans absorb the flavors, adding water as necessary and occasionally stirring up the beans. For the last hour or so you can leave the pot uncovered to get rid of some excess water.
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Once again, Debi, you have posted a winner!

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Thank you Monty - must be the New England influence rolleyes.gif

Although stale beans are all to common lately - not enough people making beans at home I guess.
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Time to think about planting a quarter acre of beans!

Ain't that a gasser!

And, yes. The New England influence is there. Although my grandmother always added about two large cloves of finely minced garlic. And so do I! Otherwise, same recipe!

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I'll have to try that - Mama never put garlic in hers so I never tried it jus modified her recipe and I LOVE garlic! If I want a BBQ flavor I do put diced tomatoes, brown sugar and Vermont maple syrup in there.

I won't be planting them here my whole yard is less than 1/4 acre and the house takes 1/3 of that!
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All the insructions I have seen for cooking dried beans always said to discard the simmering water due to the scum that forms ... you know somethin' that we don't Mom?
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I just scoop anything out that developes. It usually sticks to the edges of the pot anyway. Never had much but loose skins in mine.
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The John Deere casserole is a winner. I showed the recipe to my wife and she's made it at least once a week since then.
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Anyone know a good coleslaw recipe? There is nothing better than good coleslaw with pulled pork or ribs.
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Rookie, use the SEARCH feature above!! It is your friend icon_mrgreen.gif
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