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You remove the breast?

I debone the legs and wings because I like to be able to slice full whole slices. The pork stuffing I used needs extra fat to avoid being dry, and duck fat is premium fat. No "messes" inside the bird either.
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Great, my tastebuds just jumped out of my mouth and disappeared into my computer screen. Now what will I do? That looked good, we are not worthy.
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Do you brine the birds before or after boning? I have done these in the oven but was concerned about smoking them that long without instacure and wasn't sure how the cure would affect them.
I have also done these with a cornish hen stuffed in a chicken. It is good boning practice and not as big of a mistake to eat if it doesn't turn out like you had hoped.
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I definitely keep the breast attached. I was trying (poorly) to explain for others that the breastbone would be the last point of contact when deboning birds. Next time i make one i will make my sausage leaner to accomodate the duck skin. That's a great idea!
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I don't brine poultry. I've never seen the need. The only birds I've ever cooked that were dry were simply overcooked and brining doesn't correct that anyway.

As far as using cure, that would change everything and I don't see the need, although cured turkey is good. Smoking @ 325* is no different than roasting in the oven, and you don't need cure to do that. If you look at the pix, you'll see that the chicken is situated toward the outside of the cavity, and the center is primarily pork stuffing.

I honestly don't recall exactly how long I ended up cooking this bird, but can assure you that there was no bacterial contamination.
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Looks Great! I'd love to try one someday.
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This thread needs a sticky.
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