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Hawg wings

Sysco, Farmland and Smithfield all sell these. They are the small shnk bone of the front leg of the pig. Paula Dean sells them retail off of her QVC site but they are a little pricy. I'm trying to find someone to sell them at a reasonable price. I had them at an ECU-NC State game last year and they were unreal.

I hope someone knows where I can get my hands on them.
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Man that sites definately made for us! Everything has bacon in it! icon_mrgreen.gif
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I ordered some of the pre-cooked Paula Deans from the Smithfield web site when they had a special and they are fantastic but even on sale they were a little too pricey to be a regular menu item in our house. I am still looking for a source of these...preferably uncooked.

Any one have a source..
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Huh??? confused.gif
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After finally getting my new GOSM, I decided to do a search (not even on this site) for Hawg Wings and saw this thread.

I first tried Hawg Wings a few years ago at the New England BBQ Championships. For those in the New England area who do not know, the Harpoon Brewery (both the one in Boston and the one in Vermont) hold the NE BBQ Championships every year in the summer and it is a lot of fun. Good food and good beer, you can't go wrong.

Anyway, getting back on track I have had these several times over the last few years at this event, and they are always the thing I go looking for first when I get there. I did ask the guy who cooks them, and they are a pork shank. When they are smoked, they are unbelievably good. They are some of the tastiest pieces of meat I have ever had and could easily gain a few hundred pounds if exposed to them on a regular basis.

Not sure if anyone has managed to get them retail other than Paula Dean. If you do, please let me know as I am dying to try smoking my own.
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Pig Wings on Man vs Food


They deep fried them on the show ???.  They would have to be great smoked and sauced !   Gotta find me some

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I had some last week. Fried them up and shook in BBQ sauce. Very good, like pulled pork on a bone.
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Ok so this is the second post I have seen on pig wings or shanks. There are two basic kinds the top shank or the ones that resemble ribs which are actually bottom shanks. I can but them through sysco as well as at cash and carry here in oregon. They are fantastic and cook very fast and easy here is a link to the other posting I did with a small recipe. I am going to pick some up tonight and hopefully post a nice picture play by play this week.

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the farmland ones are precooked shanks pieces.  you heat them up and fry them, then sauce them.  they are amazing.  i bought some shanks with the trotters still on them.  going to try and smoke them saturday and see what happens :)

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Originally Posted by bbq bubba View Post

WTF is it??? Deep fried rib portion's???confused.gif

Last time I wwenthome to MS my brother deep fried some ribs. Picked it up from deer camp. Cut into individual ribs and Marinate in whish bone Italian dressing and deep fried. Smoked is still better but they were a lot better than I thought the would be.

Hum an hour of smoke then deep fried could be awesome
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