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Dr Pepper?

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I've seen some posts about using Dr Pepper on your meat? Someone else mentioned Coke. Why would I want to pour soda pop on my meat? What does it do?
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I have used coke and a chef friend of mine recommended it. He say's that it helps to break down fat and tenderize do to the acid in it. He also said to make sure to use a glass or plastic container so it does not react with metal and get that taste. Good luck and it does work on cheaper cuts.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Never marinated in it but I have used it in the foil on some baby back ribs this past monday for a little moisture during the foil wrapped portion of the cook. I was going for a slightly sweet end product and also sprinkled the ribs with brown sugar before foiling them. Can't say I could taste the Dr Pepper in the finished product but they had an awesome slightly sweet bbq taste.

I've also used it in the Dutch Oven with a brisket for a little moisture in the early stages of slow baking them. Again, couldn't taste Dr Pepper but it has a slightly sweet taste.
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My wife used to make crockpot ribs in pepsi. Fallin off the bone tender but sweet sweet sweet. Were eatin much tastier ribs these days.
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i've heard of dr. pepper beer bottom bird for years( was a texas thing) but i use sprite for bird(gets the citrus flavor in it)never tried coke or dp on steaks but it's a popular thing.
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I use Dr Pepper because I had a sauce recipe a long time ago that called for it. I like it over Pepsi or Coke because of the slight cherry in the flavour. I feel like it mixes well with the smoke.
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