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My first smoke

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Smoked my first rack of Baby Backs on my BRAND NEW SMOKER, GLOAT, GLOAT, and they were so very tender. I used the 2-2-1 method and my temp's ran 210-240 degrees. I have read numerous article about how the meat shrinks up as it cooks, exposing the end of the rib bones up to 1/2 inch. My didn't shrink no where near that, can someone provide me with some advice on what I may have done wrong? Dam, were they ever good, the most tender ones I have ever ate. icon_rolleyes.gif
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Turn your heat up 20º to 25º; I had the same experience my first 8 to 10 racks of ribs. All tasted great, bu tthe texture was not there until the rib meat started pullling. I turned up the heat and got what I was looking for.
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Some don't pull back as much but they should pull some. I've had ribs that the bones fell out of that never did pull back much.
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if they were your best ones & ya were satisfied-don't fix what ain't broken...stick w/ what works for you.

#! rule of bbq is- there ain't no's a matter of taste.and on that note post Qview next time if ya can.
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p.s.- pop over to roll call for a proper introduction & tell us more about yourself. i'm in kentucky too btw- glasgow area.
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Welcome aboard

Glad you found us this is a great forum just ask questions if you have them also post Pics
Good Luck and Good smoking
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I've had the same experience as Mossy, if you want more pull back go to 250 degrees.
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I'm with gypsy. Sounds like you did good!
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Also, the majority of the pull back will occur during the foiling stage. Did you do that?
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Also, the majority of the pull back will occur during the foiling stage. Did you do that?

Yes, I went thru the foiling process, will up the heat somewhat on the next rack. Do spare ribs smoke up as good as baby backs?
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Spares are usually meatier and will take longer to do that BB ribs. They are the main rib I smoke, mainly due to the cost of BB's. You will probably notice more of a pull back on the spares too. Don't be afraid to try Beef ribs also PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Congrats on getting that first smoke out of the way! Now you are hooked for live!
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Better IMO.
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