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Q show on TV

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2:30 pm EST today on the Food Network. The Glutton for Punishmnet show is on a KCBS competition according to the preview guide. smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif
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thank you sir, dvr is set.
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Wooo must see Q-view! Those uppity KCBS folk.. Hmmm been meaning to go DL their rules and regs, just for a grin <And possible future reference>.
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love his pig pit. lol big white smoke.....& 360f ?
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Heh... Treated 'em like gods he did.... LOL

Oh...and STILL got 59? Sheesh
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Hmmm... the show yer sayin' ain't what they're playin'! They seem to be building... cakes? PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Dang missed it!
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Bout time ya widened yer horizons, there Hawg..LOL!

"Gee that's a pretty pink frosting!"
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I prefer magenta thank you... icon_redface.gif

I let the better half do the baking, she's awesome at it. She had a baking catering biz years ago, and knows all the trick of the trade...
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Sigh. I'm jealous. Mine can durn near burn water. Ah well... not why I got married.
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[quote=Richtee;97091]Sigh. I'm jealous. Mine can durn near burn water. Ah well... not why I got married.[/quote]
biggrin.gif Thanks for sharing! biggrin.gif
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Hmmmm.......I wonder if it is different regionally or something. I sat down and watched the show.....
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it was from 1:30 to 2:00- just the kcbs royal in k.c.- no biggie he can't work a lang... but thats just tv.
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