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Smoking Other Cuts

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I have been searching BBQ sites for awhile. Why is there no mention of smoking other roasts like Beef Round Roasts?

Seems I can smoke cheese, apples, brisket and butt.

Can other beef cuts be smoked?
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ya can smoke anything... here's a good site to try- she's 1 of our own & will open yer eyes to new ideas. if ya can't find it there pm me i may know or just ask here... there's always google too
what exactly are ya looking for ?
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oh yeah- here's a great idea for a beef round roast.
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i have several threads in the beef section where i have done beef shoulder roasts, beef chuck arm roasts, and several other cuts of meat. here is a link to a search i did, check it out for some ideas.
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There are some cuts that are better than others. Typically the more fat the better.

Some meats develop an awesome flavor once smoked sometimes more than other cuts.

Try them all and let us know what you find out
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I highly recommend a chuck roast. Does great in the smoker and is very tasty when pulled.
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Two days ago I smoked 150 pounds of inside round roasts. Used my SPK 280. Cut the 22-26 pound whole top round roasts in half, steakways and tied with butcher twine one longways and two short ways. Rubbed with Montreal Chicken, yes chicken, and wrapped overnight. Cooked at 260 and removed at 129 T internal T. This worked out to about 30 min per pound. Used seasoned black cherry wood. Rested 2 hours in a closed cooler and was a beautiful solid pink, med rare inside with a nice smoke ring. Cut the halfs in half and sliced on a Hobart meat slicer. Got rave reviews from the 200 served. Standing rib roasts are great too, just watch the internal T...
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All good info so far.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Anything can be smokedicon_exclaim.gif

Some cuts work better & are easier than others but if there is a will to smoke it you can figure out a wayPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif If you aren't sure, as you can see just ask someone here will have help & pointers to get you on your way with the smokeicon_rolleyes.gif
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Thanks everyone. I will try a few ideas and let you know.
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