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Chicken legs?

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Hi all,
I want to attempt to smoke some chicken legs (the kids love 'em)!. I bought this nifty chicken leg holder at Lowes the holds the legs upside down! Has anyone done legs before? What temp?, how long?...any info would help greatly. Thanks everyone!

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Check out a previous post of mine. Your going to love em'! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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hey I don't have one of thoose "YET". That's cool.
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I smoked some turkey legs this past weekend (first time). I brined them overnight and seasoned them. I was amazed at the taste. I'm going to check our Lowes for the leg rack.
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chicken legs

I have one of the leg holders. It holds 12 legs hanging down. Works great in the smoker. Won't hold turkey legs though. icon_confused.gif

enjoy the rack and the legs.

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Ditto on the leg rack - great space saver. :)
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