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Silly Question.....I think..

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I will be smoking a brisket, some chicken and a 6lb turkey breast this weekend. I believe that we will have more food than my small family can eat. Is it possible to smoke meat, then freeze it for later? Thanks for helping this newbie out.

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yes, silly question....don't ask any more....errrr.... PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif yes, you can freeze what you don't eat for later munching, although you might be surprised that it all gets gobbled up before you can freeze any......many in fact smoke alot and freeze to reheat later on, it does work out fairly well...but like I said, if you get it right don't be surprised if it all gets eaten up right off...... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yes you can. What I do is after we eat, cut it up and put it in ziplocks and in the fridge. Ribs in one bag, chix in another and so on. The ribs get cut into 3 ribs per serving, this makes it easier to store. Put a little sauce in the bags as well. Then I watch them dissapear over the next 2 days.PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Yes you can, a lot of people use vacuum sealers so that it will last longer and
less freezer burn
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I freeze my leftovers all the time, I hate to have a smoker half empty when I smoke so I load it up. I use a foodsaver and it stays fresh for ever. What I like about the foodsaver is you just pop the bag in boiling water and your good to go. Silly question, I think not, you should read some of my "dumb questions". But theses gals & gals are really helpful.
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If you freeze stuff without vacuum sealing, it really helps to coat with sauce first. This helps lock out air from the food, delaying "freezer burn" <sublimation of moisture from the food> quite a while. Get all the air possible out of the baggies.
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I'm with Michael - I hate to have an empty smoker (it's to much fun filling it!) You can freese your leftovers and do get a vacuume sealer if you don't already have one not only do they keep forst from forming but they save space so you can smoke more and freeze more. biggrin.gif
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The only silly questions are the ones you didn't ask!

Seems like I always have some pulled pork in the freezer. I put them in double ziplock bags, and for the stuff I know's going straight to the freezer after pulling, I make sure I add all the juice back in - keeps it moist when it's reheated.

Just my $0.02, I'd rather put it up in the freezer cooked than raw...
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Gosh I hope so, I've been doing it for years. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
Chicken quarters, ribs, smoked fish are my top 3
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Freezing?????? why yes and if you keep the bone try making split pea soup or add to any hot bean disk ( pinto, black, kidney etc and you wil;l be a hero.......)
Try pulled pork in an omelet with potatos and onion and what ever.
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...unless you wanna invite my crew over to help eliminate those pesky leftovers... icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thanks for the info as always.
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