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basic smoked ribs

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i started these at 7PM, rubbed and put in the smoker, temp is at 250.

this is at 1 hr in

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oh im using peach wood, but at 3 hrs in and the meat is at 140,
here i put on some sweet baby rays bbq sauce and ill let it go for another hr or so.
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Nice lookon' ribs chrish, I bet they'll be gone pronto. Never used peach wood myself, can you describe the taste of the smoke it provides?
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Looking good so far!
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my bassette hound and i had the small end, we both loved it, well jucy and tender at 4 hr smoking time.
peach wood is like pecon wood, its verry sweet in a smoky taste, I love it, it adds a flavor to pork that i like,, major fruit woods are sweet and do well with meets, apple,peach,pecon,pear, woods do well on a sweet smoky taste,, i dont know about orange tree wood but id bet it would be good too.

but heres the finish of the ribs

well every one can see i used a GOSM but they were jucy and wonderfull, just ask scooby, well i guess his stuffed.
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chrish- ya get 2 rep points from me. ya got great ribs & a bassett that ya share w/.. you're now my hero.....i had a basset well we grew up those hounds.
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Hay Gypsy and thank you for the Rep, Scooby is quite the dog, he can be a 51 lb tree stump to trip over when your in a hurry to do something but hies loving as heck, i love my basset PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif

as for the ribs i didnt do the 3-2-1 deal or any thing like it, i just put on a good rub and smoked them for 3 1/2 hours at 250 and then added some BBQ sauce to make them messy when eating, if ribs arnt messy when eating there not done rightPDT_Armataz_01_14.gif got that from Alton Brown and other shows on Food Network
the ribs got up to 170 abouts but i knew on time wise they were done
scooby is saying hi to all:
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Looks like Scooby has a case of food coma going on
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Nice ribs and a cute pup! He looks like he had too many ribs!
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Good lookin' ribs Chrish The dog looks stuffed too
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I agree

If you are not wearing the BBQ sauce then you dont have enuf on them.
Good Luck and Good Smoking
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Nice smoke but I just got a thing about BBQ sauce on smoked meat.

To many restaurants in my area put BBQ sauce on something & call it BBQ meat. BBQ is a way of cooking (smoking) not the sauce on the meat. For that reason when I have ribs the sauce is always on the side so no one is confused about the fact that the ribs ARE BBQ ribs served with BBQ sauce.PDT_Armataz_01_02.gif

Sorry I just needed a paragraph to vent I saw the fact that you did BBQ the ribs & they DID look good in the pics so I will concede that it was a job well donePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice pics, but BBQ should be messy by the fact that it is eaten with your hands. BBQ sauce, in my opinion, has little or nothing to do with good BBQ.

Great pics though! And I bet the food went over well with all, not only your cool dog.
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