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New to smoking, thought I'd say hi

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I'm fairly new to smoking. I've been doing a little with ribs and such on my Weber 22 1/2 using water pans, adding chips in foil every hour and really liked how things turned out.

I recently have purchased a Smoke Hollow Electric smoker and have been experiementing based on things I've read on this forum. There is a lot of great stuff to find here.

So ... just thought I'd finally register and say hi from Omaha, NE.

Go Huskers.
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Welcome, glad you found us!!
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you joined us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to SMF the best BBQ site on the neticon_exclaim.gif
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Sorry Matt, the Cats are gonna rock N's world this yr. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

Welcome to SMF, I've got a ton of purple shirts if ya want one. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

I'm just give'n ya heck, glad your here, get a dig. camera so we can see those ribs!

Big 12 champion KSU grad, back when it was the Big 8. If you remember those days you know I'm full of it!
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you found us.
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Welcome to SMF, ask any and all questions you may have and the friendly folks here will have an answer for you. Hope you enjoy the forum as much as we do.
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Welcome aboard Matt!
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Glad you found this forum

Like everyone says this is a great forum a lot of good people and great help all you have to do is ask
Good Luck and Good Smoking
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Welcome Matt -

Glad you decided to jump in and join us! Enjoy!
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Congrats on finding the #1 site Matt. Eveyone here is is very helpful and aint afraid to point you to another member if they do not know the answer to something. I have also learned that equipment does not matter as it all comes down to the cook anyway. Everyones tastes vary and and you'll find a lot of different ways here to come up with great tasting food.

All the best

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Welcome to SMF,and hello from Canada, see ya in the forums PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks for the welcomes.

I've done mostly quick stuff such as ribs, riblets, chops but would really like to do something that takes a while. I'm soaking it all in.

Anyone else out there have the electric Smoke Hollow? I've done a search and found a few but was curious on the success of others with the same setup.

I have a couple of things I'll post in the forums on different configs that were suggested to me by the manufacturer such as where to position the smoke box/tray.

Thanks again.
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Hello Husker, and glad to see you've joined the best SMF on the net.
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Welcome! Glad you found the SMF
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