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Silver Lake state championship! - Page 2

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I've never been to silver Lake but I hear from guys at work that the dunes are breathtaking. I'll take you up for a dune ride!!
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Count me in, camping down there all weekend, had so much fun last year going back for this year. Who is anyone and where will ya be, love to meet some of the folks who helped me out since I joined this site??
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My wife, my self, a friend will most likely be there too.

(My son has a tumor in his nasal cavity and we will be traveling back and forth to Ann Arbor to meet with Doctors. So if we are not in the hospital removing that beast we will be at the competition)
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Praying for your boy Cheech!
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DITTO both the Mrs. & I
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Directions to Silver Lake

Use mapquest is the easiest the zip code for Mears is 49436. Once you get to Mears, Silver Lake is to the west. Another way is to look up Sands Restaurant in Mears & get directions to there. might have some info too.
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Same here Cheech, good luck and God bless!
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You know Laura and I will be praying. Hope everything works out Cheech.

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Our thoughts and prayers are also headed your way Cheech. Please let us know how everything is going.
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Making a mess of food friday night, Shrimp and smoked suasage ettoffe, cornbread, greens...ect..ect... Please stop on by and grab a plate and say howdy if you can. They saying it's gonna get real chilly at night.....high 30's to low 40's Seems kinda strange just two weeks ago being in Lebanon TN in 115* days and lows of 80's and 90's at night...... now I gotta think about jackets and gloves.. See ya'll there!

Not to worry for the one's judging....still planning on Saturday's feast as wellicon_wink.gif
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Subtract one (Laura) from the festivities this coming weekend... icon_sad.gif
Laura's mom had surgery today (monday), so Laura is going home to FTW for the rest of the week to help with her care. Her mom had stenosis (spelling?), the narrowing of the opening in her back which the spinal column runs (a bone spur was closing it up). Out now and doing as well as expected. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif She sends her "Hey" to BBQ Bubba, Bud, Tonto, and Wateryeyes and a good luck in the comp! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Please send Laura our best wishes for her Mom's speedy recovery!! Tell her we will send you home with a "care package" for her and her Mom.icon_wink.gif
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Well. My 1st comp & I placed 4th in wings & 5th in ribs. not a win but my 1st comp & never even been to 1 before.

The highlight so far was getting to meet Crewdawg, Tonto, Bud & Bubba. They all want me to say hello from the Silver Lake KCBS Championship.

It is cold, windy, & rainy tonight so wish them some luckicon_razz.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. I'll post some Q-view of my comp later. I gotta find the camera it is missing somewhere in my stuff & when I get to putting stuff away I will find it to post.
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Congratulations I wish I could have been there.

Great job
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Great! ...that is a very respectable placing for your first turn out. The competition better watch out for ya dude!
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Congrats John D! That's a really respectable finish!
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Just got back home (3 hr drive) from Silver Lake. Normally would let the Smokin Scottsmen post the results, but they are staying tonight and gonna take their lovely time on the 1 1/2 drive back to Grand Rapids.

First, those in attendence:

Bud, Tonto, BBQ Bubbq, wife Cindy (great pleasure to meet), their lovely daughter, Teacup13 and wife (antoher great pleasure), Johnd49455 and wife (the third great pleasure), and moi (we did miss Cheech, but we all understood the circumstaneces).

Took 3rd in Pulled Pork, and overall 15th out of 36. Don't know the down and outs since I could not be there with them on sunday until after the turn-ins.(I was one of the judges at the comp). I'm sure they will tell the details.

But again, good times were had by all, and the Michigan chapters leads all others on "Mini Gatherings" with two!
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"Good job"PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif to all that participated in the event, Wish I could have been up there with ya'll.....All making top 5 BBQ in your early BBQ careers...Hope you got some secrets to share from the teams heading down to Lynchburg to compete for the Jack Daniels Championships....DB BBQ
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I would have to rate this weekend as one of the best I have ever had. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

To hear people on the SMF refer to each other as family is one thing. To experience over the net. To get to experience meeting some of the SMF family in person & actually experience feeling & being treated like family is a whole different way of appreciating the SMF FAMILYPDT_Armataz_01_40.gif.

Without writing a book for all to read I will keep it short & say thanks to all that were there & were so very friendly. I also must say that the wife was also very impressed & also had a fabulous time also.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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great job all- glad everyone had a great time . we met bud & tonto & they are great people...... once again great job to all.
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