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Leftover Brisket

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Last weekend, one of my smokes was a SmokieOkie style brisket, only pulled, not sliced. It was awesome! We had a little left over; not really enough for a meal, but enough for... are you ready... a pizza! My wife makes a killer homemade-from-scratch-including-the-crust pizza. She added the brisket to it and OMG, it was incredible!

I'm sure some of you must have tried this before, but if you haven't, DO IT! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Where's that damn drool smiley when you need it...?
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Hey POP POP I think I'll try that next time I do a brisket, only I'll have to put somea side. I'm sure my brother won't let any be left over. Thanks again for the tip.
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Also, try it in spaghetti sauce... friggin' AWESOME!!
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That sound's awesome Phil............what's LEFTOVER'S???PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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Leftovers is when you are supposed to have a specified number of folks show up, then life happens and you don't... too bad for them! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Several years ago i did a shreded brisket pizza, used bbq sauce in stesd of pizza sauce, and lots a cheese,onions and whatever else i had in the fridge. it is a great change up for left overs, think i'll do it again.
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Sounds good.... have to keep that in mind with my left overs.

I used some left over fatty and a turkey fatty I had in spaghetti sauce the other day and it was very good.. The Turkey fatty was dry but with the sauce it was very good.
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I like to make chilli with my left over shredded brisket
Tordas sammies
grilled beef and cheddar sammies ....
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Yes!! I love your imagination and creativity Deb! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I have alot of leftovers! icon_smile.gif
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Sometimes I'll reserve a lot of my brisket pieces, a couple pork shoulder "corners" and smoke some sausage to cube up into chili with some stew type meat that's of course been smoked. This makes a mean chili and the brisket with the carmelization is a great change up in chili. Another month or so and it's chili season. :) I can't wait!
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Debi Great ideas... Chili with left over Brisket.. Now that sounds so good.
I may have to smoke some burger just to use in chili..
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Sounds awesome Phil...May have to try those with (next leftovers)..Does'nt happen to often!!!! DB BBQ
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Great ideas! I just shred/chop my leftover brisket and put in in a flour tortilla w/ a bit of cheddar and a splash of habenero sauce. super simple.
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How about nachos? Brisket, some chili, shredded cheese and tortilla chips with a little rub sprinkled on top and you're ready to go!
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If I have left overs it does not make it past heating up and then pop into my mouth wish I could get creative with it just never do
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You know how people make country sausage gravey? I make a white country gravey with brisket instead. Then of course I take a couple of slices of brisket and put it on the plate with acouple of scrambled eggs and some hash browns and smother the whole thing with the gravey. I think this is one of my favoriote breakfasts of not my favoriote. I just think I'm a brisket-aholic. I love it with everything. Hi, my name is Bob.
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Seaham -
That brisket you just smoked will make a great additio to your chili. I like shredded smoked meat better than hamburger in my chili! Makes great tacos and burritos too.
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